Learn JavaScript the Eloquent Way-What is JavaScript

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➽ JavaScript was introduced in 1995 as a way to add programs to 
   web pages in the Netscape Navigator browser.

➽ After its adoption outside of Netscape, a standard document was 
   written to describe the way the JavaScript language should work 
   so that the various pieces of software that claimed to support 
   JavaScript were actually talking about the same language. This 
   is called the ECMAScript standard.

➽ Web browsers are not the only platforms on which JavaScript is 
   used. Some databases, such as MongoDB and CouchDB, use 
   JavaScript as their scripting and query language.

➽ The term “paradigm” in programming language context refers to a 
   broad (almost universal) mindset and approach to structuring 
   ➽ Some languages are heavily slanted toward one paradigm—C is 
      procedural, Java/C++ are almost entirely class oriented, and 
      Haskell is FP through and through.
   ➽ JavaScript is most definitely a multi-paradigm language. You 
      can write procedural, class-oriented, or FP-style code, and 
      you can make those decisions on a line-by-line basis instead 
      of being forced into an all-ornothing choice.

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